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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Single-Estate

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Single-Estate


cata de oro

Cata de Oro is a family business with an olive tradition that dates back to 1854 in the province of Huesca, North East of Spain.

Using traditional methods and sustainable farming, Cata De Oro recovered a native variety of olives on the verge of extinction: Royeta de Asque.

The olives are immediately crushed after harvest to maintain their properties intact until the oil is extracted. This process takes less than four hours and called “first cold press”.

Royeta de Asque has an intense fruitiness of herbs and reeds, with some aromatic apple and nuts notes. It feels slightly spicy in the mouth, stoked with a sweet and nutty personality.

Arbequino is the traditional Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Huesca region. Intense fruity green olive flavour with strong notes of green grass, almonds and walnuts.

Bulk sizes available.


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