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Cocktail Ingredients

Cocktail Ingredients

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Organic Verjus

Our organic verjus is a very versatile ingredient that can be used as a complementary acidity than either lemon or vinegar, to balance sweetness and build flavour and complexity.

La Pommee Apple is a low acidity, sweet condiment made with sweet and bitter-sweet apple varieties. Pleasant texture with perfect balance between the low acidity and the sweet apples. Ideal for pairing with bourbon, cognac.

Our great harvest maple syrup aromatic profile brings to mind warm buttered brown sugar, date puree and English toffee. It is full-bodied, rounded, textured and syrupy but not overwhelming. Ideal for pairing with bourbon, cognac, scotch.


Friday’s Footprint

Henrietta Hotel, Covent Garden, London

Yellow Chartreuse, Cap Corse Mattei white, Elderflower vinegar L acidulee, Poire Le paulmier, Abbots Bitters

Grapes of Wrath

Hide, London

Pisco, Lovage, White grapes, Organic Verjus, Soda

Orphans Of The Sky

Henrietta Hotel, Covent Garden, London

Cognac Pierre Ferrand Ambre, lemon juice, Apple vinegar La Pommee, Escuminac maple syrup, Laphroaig

Slanted & Enchanted

Experimental Cocktail Club, Paris

Hawthorne berry pear cider, Calvados Domfrontais Drouin, Lillet blanc, citron jaune, home made xmas syrup

Los Feliz

Experimental Cocktail Club, Paris

Pinnaple Plantation rum, Quaglia Vecchio amaro piemontese, lemon juice, Apple vinegar La Pommee, Escuminac maple syrup


Gong Bar, Shangri-La, The Shard, London

BulleitRye, Fernet Branca, Maple Syrup