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Artisan Non-Alcoholic Drink

Non-alcoholic sparkling drinks Pomaceo


Pomaceo is a passionate producer of award-winning premium sparkling non-alcoholic drinks based at a picturesque Chateau in Normandy, France.
Pomaceo’s award-winning range of premium non-alcoholic bubbles are not only great tasting but made from all-natural, high-quality ingredients.

Perceval and Pépinelle are sparkling pressed apple juices combined with natural elderflower, sea buckthorn or white tea to create great-tasting aperitifs, without added sugar.

Perceval: Apple, sea buckthorn and white tea

Pepinelle: Apple, elderflower and hibiscus flower


Pepinelle Elderflower & Hibiscus Sparkling Drink - GREAT TASTE AWARDS 2016 2 STARS- OUTSTANDING

Judges Comments ‘A pretty colour with very pleasant apple and hibiscus aromas. All the flavours come through, with a good hit of apple. Nice clean finish. Does smell freshly pressed.’

Perceval Sea Buckthron & White Tea Sparkling Drink - GREAT TASTE AWARDS 2016 1 STAR - SIMPLY DELICIOUS

Judges Comments ‘An appealing colour, with a clean appearance. There is a lovely delicate balance of flavours, with a subtle sweetness and a pleasant bitterness from the sea buckthorn on the finish. The flavours are very skillfully blended and the drink is very refreshing. ’